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The Yorkville Group was founded upon the bedrock of our core belief – Do right by our clients. A full service political consulting and public affairs firm dedicated to making informed decisions based on customized client-centric strategies.

With a team guided by experience and committed to your success through innovative, dynamic and modern methods.

Our team offers the personal attention necessary to all of our clients, in order to best structure the direction of the campaign to the candidate – rather than have events dictate the direction of the campaign to the candidate.

We understand that it’s principle that informs policy and it’s a prudent policy, a compelling vision and a bold strategy that provide the elements to your success.

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As House Speaker Tip O’Neill stated, “All Politics is Local” and that’s what informs our understanding as an organization.

The Yorkville Group, identifies and tailors your campaign’s unique strategy to meet the concerns and complex needs of voters.

We help you convey a distinct message that resonates whether you are speaking to local issues or on a national stage.

Our diverse team is here to guide you through the high stakes environment of politics. This is how we can speak with confidence when we say the Yorkville Group is Bold and Committed to Success.


Knowledge is power and information is king, understanding these two axioms is the key to building success in the landscape of modern politics.

The Yorkville Group’s approach offers a clear strategy for how to effectively deploy data in service of your campaign.

By identifying, managing and interpreting multiple source streams of analytics, our aim is to yield superior decision making capabilities for our clients.

Whether it is establishing an online grassroots base, initiating viral trends, or utilizing microtargeting – by maximizing your digital footprint, we capture the last frontier of today’s political campaign.


“The events which can not be prevented, must be directed.” – Those famous words of Klemens von Metternich hold true both for the unpredictable nature of a political campaign and how one must always adapt to succeed. The Yorkville Group does not accept the static course of a single direction; we understand that a candidate’s stratagem must be fluid and able to quickly adapt to the constantly changing circumstances of a campaign.

The objective is simple, victory, but there is more than one way to arrive at the destination of your objective. And if one path to that victory proves unviable then we re-adjust, adapt, and evolve to meet our clients needs. No discernible strategy is fixed, immobile or unvarying – in today’s frenetic political environment, directing events and not allowing the unpredictably of events to direct the campaign, is the path that leads to your success.

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